How to lead yourself into a new year

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. They are far too often something that we set for ourselves on January 1st and then forget about by February 1st. Sure, the start of the new year is a great time to reflect and create new goals, but in reality, this reflection and goal setting should happen on a continuous basis year round.

A word of the year

So in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions, a few years ago I decided to choose a word of the year for myself. This word would be my theme for the year so to speak. Something that reminds me what I’m working towards. Something that I can use in my daily work regardless of what goals I set. For example, the first word I chose was courage. I wanted to remind myself to lead with courage on a daily basis. The following year was strength and this year I chose resilience, something I’m sure many of you can relate to leaving 2020 behind us. Not to say that I am not already resilient in many areas of my life, if not all, but I wanted to be reminded of this word and this virtue that I possess on a daily basis and let it lead me this year.

Choosing your word

I encourage you to now choose your word. If there isn’t something already front of mind take a moment to think of what you need more of this year.


Now, as far as goal setting is concerned (notice how I use the term goal-setting and not resolution), here is what I recommend.

Welcome to the new year.

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